KODAKOne is a revolutionary new image rights management and protection platform secured in the blockchain that seamlessly registers, manages and monetizes creative assets for the photographic community.

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    KODAKOne artificial intelligence technology integrates and streamlines the tasks of photo management, protection and distribution, enabling photographers to benefit from new income streams and receive payments faster.

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    Image Economy

    KODAKOne will underpin the assured buying and selling of rights-cleared and protected digital assets, allowing KODAKCoin will become the currency of choice for the image economy.

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    Creative Community

    Our mission is to create a sustainable, token-based community of the world‘s photographic supply chain, from photographers of all levels to rightsholders and buyers of imagery and image-related IP.

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    Designed to restore trust and transparency to its members, KODAKOne will deliver blockchain-enabled copyright registration combined with a smart, high-efficiency trustless transaction platform. Every image transaction and license will be immutably stored in KODAKOne’s decentralized registry.

Platform & the product

Registering your images using with the blockchain gives you immutable proof of ownership and enables you to take advantage of all the services on the KODAKOne platform, such as:


Our image management platform, with its proprietary KODAKCoin cryptocurrency, will make it significantly cheaper and faster to register, move and sell digital images. KODAKOne offers a simple, transparent blockchain-based worldwide royalty accounting, licensing and payment system via its smart contract features.

WENN Digital &

WENN Digital, Inc. and Eastman Kodak Company have entered into a brand licensing relationship. WENN Digital will provide digital asset management and protection under the Kodak brand for photographers and image-related IP holders worldwide, utilizing blockchain technology and the KODAKOne platform.

What is

The KODAKCoin is the token that powers the KODAKOne platform and will be the future currency for the KODAKOne’s image economy.

Latest News

Kodak Jumps Into the Crypto World with KODAKCoin & Partnership with Wenn Digital on Blockchain Based Digital RIghts Management

130-year-old Eastman Kodak joins cryptocurrency craze with ‘KODAKCoin’; shares surge

KODAK and WENN Digital Partner to Launch Major Blockchain Initiative and Cryptocurrency

KODAKOne platform and KODAKCoin cryptocurrency give photographers a new revenue stream and a secure platform for protecting their work Rochester, NY, Tuesday, January 9, 2018 — Today Kodak and WENN Digital, in a licensing partnership, announced the launch of the KODAKOne image rights management platform and KODAKCoin, a photo-centric cryptocurrency to empower photographers and agencies […]

The Big One: tZero Says KODAKCoin will Trade on its Forthcoming Digital Assets Exchange

tZERO to Trade KODAKCoin on Its Future U.S. Regulated Security Token Trading Platform

Overstock.com's blockchain subsidiary, t0.com, Inc. ("tZERO") announced today its intent to provide advisory services to WENN Digital in connection with its recently announced KODAKCoin Security Token Offering […]

Kodak and WENN Digital Announce ICO to Put Photo Licensing on the Blockchain

Team Members

Jan Denecke


Jan brings 10+ years of experience as a copyright lawyer. He is the founding partner of law firm Denecke, Priess & Partner (DPP), which has handled over 25,000 IP-Infringement cases, with a specialization in image rights/partnering with different technical service providers.

In 2016 Jan founded Ryde GmbH to commercialise the legal tech image recognition web crawling platform he and his team had been developing. In 2017, the Ryde platform had over a dozen revenue generating clients. Jan then saw the opportunity to scale the platform using blockchain technology. Jan now leads The WENN Digital team with operations across 4 countries.

Matthew Walker


Matthew brings 15+ years of experience building and managing content licensing companies. He was appointed as WENN Media CEO in 2016 where he began developing strategies to protect the company's IP and streamline dispute resolution. Prior to WENN Media, Matthew began his career in medicine and as a student doctor co-founded the Bang Media International news agency (2000). In 2010 he stepped out of the medical profession to found Cover Media which continues to create, license and distribute entertainment and lifestyle words, images and video worldwide. Cover Media was acquired by WENN Media in 2015.

Volker Brendel


Volker brings 15 years of experience in recognition technology and big data environments for global clients.
Volker brings 15 years of experience in recognition technology and big data environments for global clients. Volker currently specializes in artificial intelligence driven image recognition and data analytics as a member of the Ryde team, and the Deloitte Analytics Institute. In 2004 Volker began research in detection support together with the FRAUNHOFER IPK in Berlin with the creation of "Moses" and "Modus" research projects.

Relevant Experience: 2007 research concerning the reconstruction of Stasi documents under the leadership of the FRAUNHOFER Institute and the BSTU, 2009 Market placement of the first product for mobile detection, 2015 Appointment in the senior management from the Deloitte Analytics Institute concentration: big data, mobile, enterprise APPs, image recognition, brand protection platforms. Customers: approximately 30 companies listed on the German stock exchange.

Fabian M. Moritz


Fabian served as CFO and Head of Finance and Controlling for several companies in Germany.
Fabian joined owner operated advertising agency Kempertrautmann in 2005. Fabian then took over Jung von Matt's finance department in 2012. He served as member of the supervisory board for the Chinese branch, as managing director for the procurement and purchasing corporation as well as officer with statutory authority for the shared service center. Since 2015 Fabian has been a business consultant and shareholder. He provides thought leadership to corporations of all sizes, mainly in the areas of finance and controlling, administrative processes and business development. Fabian is a graduate in Business Administration has a Master Degree in Business Studies and Economics.

Philipp Köhn


Philipp brings 15 years of experience with agency in project management, coordination and execution of key accounts. Philipp led major projects for world leading companies including BMW, McKinsey, Procter & Gamble, and Samsung. He also took part in the build-up and expansion of leading European agencies specializing in defined structures and management processes for teams of hundreds of people.


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